All Staff



Pam Quirke

Tumuaki Tuarua/Deputy Principal

Tumuaki Tuarua/Deputy Principal

Kylie Taplin

Ohu Kōkako

Kōkako Rua (Lead Kaitiaki) - Y5/6

Trudi Stanaway
Kōkako Tahi - Y3/4/5

Hiria Ngatai

Ohu Tūī

Tūī Rua (Lead Kaitiaki) - Y5/6

Rachel Berryman
Tūī Tahi - Y3/4/5/6

Verbena McCauley-Walker

Ohu Kererū

Kēreru Tahi - Y3/4

Danielle Bell
Kēreru Tahi - Y5/6

Matthew Broman

Ohu Kārearea

Kārearea Rua (Lead Kaitiaki) - Y5/6

Leanne Doull
Kārearea Tahi - Y3/4/5

Tia-ana Parker

Ohu Pīpī Manu

Pīpī Manu Whā - Y2

Mara Berzins
Pīpī Manu Co-ordinator (Lead Kaitaki)

Hannah Laloli
Pīpī Manu Ono - Y1/2

Meg Davies
Pīpī Manu Rima - Y2

Arahia Mauriohooho
Pīpī Manu Rua - Y1

Colleen Vette
Pīpī Manu Toru - New Entrant

Megan Gardner
Pīpī Manu Tahi - Y1

Lesa Lafaelle

Lead Teachers

Pīpī Manu Co-ordinator (Lead Kaitaki)

Hannah Laloli
Lead Kaitiaki - Learning Support Coordinator

Kylie Te Arihi

Part-Time Teachers

PRT Release

Sarah Hardy

Wendy Dorothy
CRT Release

Jono Gemmell

Office Staff

PA to the Principal

Nikki McFarlane
Office Support

Rona Berryman
Executive Officer

Maro Arcus

Lisette McAdam



Trevor McRoberts

Learning Assistants

Board of Trustees

The Deanwell School Board is made up of 7 members, this includes Pam Quirke the Principal, Leanne Doull as the teacher representative and 5 Parents – Sarah Pitches, Peter Cooper-Davies, Natania Katene, Melisa Fotu and Te Mata McArthur.

The Board does a number of things to keep Deanwell School operating properly and provide a great place for our tamariki to learn, some of these things include:   

  • Setting goals for the school and then make sure we meet those goals, these goals are about the kid’s learning and achievement and also about other things like making sure the buildings and school grounds are safe and fun to use.  
  • Making sure that there are policies in place that help the school make decisions.
  • Employing the principal who then employs all the other staff.  The Board is responsible for making sure Deanwell School is a supportive and safe place for people to work.
  • Monitoring the finances and sets budgets for the school to follow.

The Board sets the School Charter and produces an annual plan to support the achievement of the Charter.  If you want to view the Charter, it can be seen on the new reports that you will have received at the student led conferences.

For us to achieve the best for Deanwell School we need to engage with Family/Whānau, build a better connection with you all, and share information with you by having regular updates on Board activities in the Deanwell School Newsletter or on the website.

Staff Representative Trustee

Leanne Doull

CEO/Principal of Deanwell School/Board member

Pam Quirke
Minutes Secretary

Maro Arcus

Board Member

Melisa Fotu

Parent Teacher Association

The Deanwell School PTA is a group of parents & teachers who work together to raise money through various fundraising events e.g. School disco’s, Pizza lunches, Performing Arts events, family calender’s, calendar sales, etc to help cover the shortfall of money given to our school by the Ministry of Education. We need this extra fundraising to cover the resources our children need at school.

We are always looking for enthusiastic parents to help us make these events happen. The Deanwell School PTA makes fundraising activities fun by making them as social as we can. We run an annual Whanau in the Park event each year and the supporters come out in droves to have dinner on Deanwell Park and enjoy each others company.

Call Hera Keepa our PTA Secretary for more information on email

PTA Secretary

Hera Keepa