08 Apr 2019

Duffy Role Model Assembly


Deanwell School is very happy to advise that Author Sharon Holt, will be the Role Model at our Duffy Role Model Assembly on Monday 8th April 2019.

As a child growing up in Auckland, Sharon Holt’s favourite place was the local library. She loved reading because it took her to so many different places, just by turning the pages of a book. That love of reading turned into a dream to become a children’s author – but the dream wasn’t fulfilled until Sharon was 40 years old and living in Kihikihi.

Her life as a mother, teacher and journalist was so busy that Sharon had actually forgotten her dream – until she started reading to her two small children each night. Suddenly, she remembered what she was meant to be doing. There was no time to waste, so Sharon started sending stories off to publishers. You might know her Ready to Read books called ‘No Skipper’ and ‘Skipper’s Happy Tail’. She also wrote a book about how to make up jokes. And she’s written two books in the ‘My Story’ series about New Zealand history.

For the last five years, Sharon has been following an even bigger dream: writing and publishing Te Reo Singalong books. She now lives under the mountain in gorgeous Te Aroha and is really looking forward to meeting you and sharing her passion for reading, writing and following your dream.