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In light of Covid-19, Deanwell School teachers have put together a few home learning challenges for each week, to help continue your child’s learning. The teachers have organised these into two groups: Junior and Senior.

We suggest that you organise your week similar to that of a school week. So Monday to Friday, children get up and get ready as per usual and then organise learning times. The priority is to stay well together, stay brave and kind, love each other and spread calm.

Weekly Update from our Tumuaki

Ministry of Education: Learning from Home Website

New Zealand Geographic

OK we’re getting into the swing of things. Jacinda says “Stay at home”, so here we are. I hope everyone is comfortable and happy and ready to ride this out because we’re in this together — he waka eke noa.

A reminder… every day of this lock-down New Zealand Geographic will send a story or a video that can be shared among your family.

Check this website each day as new content is put up along with the talking points:

Something to help you explain the situation to your children