School Fees

The Board of Trustees has prepared the budget for 2019. This budget balances the parent expectation to provide quality education with the funding we receive from the Government, sponsors and parent fundraising.

We receive funding from the Government to cover all school expenses, power, insurances, water, rates, support staff wages, relieving teacher’s wages, equipment, maintenance, lawn moving, teaching resources and equipment, computers etc. Unfortunately the money received from the Government does not cover the cost of providing an education for the children.

All schools ask that parents financially support the role their school has in the education of their children. This is usually managed through the “ Amenities Donation ”. This donation is tax deductible. At Deanwell School, the Board of Trustees ask that all parents support the payment of this donation as the funds are needed to support the learning and teaching programmes.

If you pay your school fees you could be eligible for an IRD rebate. Please visit


SCHOOL DONATIONOne Child$40.00 Full Year (or $10 per Term)
Family$60.00 Full Year (or $15 per Term)
*Consumable feePer Child$20.00 Full Year (or $5.00 per Term)

*Our consumable fee for 2019 is made up of 2 x school performance fees at $5.00 each, Life Education sessions in Term 2 at $5.00 each and all other classroom resources including paper, photocopying, etc).