13 Dec 2019

Kokako Rua 5+ A Day 2019


Kokao Rua will be holding their 5+ a day lunch on Friday 13th December.  This is an annual event that provides a practical occasion to celebrate and try fresh fruit and vegetables.  The students will plan, in groups of 3-6, a menu that they will then put together at school on the day.

Reasons why we promote this special day:

🙂 An opportunity to reinforce the 5+ a day message about healthy foods.

🙂 Students need to co-operate to create a meal.

🙂 It is an opportunity to reinforce table manners.

🙂 A chance to celebrate and enjoy sitting down at a table while sharing a meal with others.

🙂 Students often try foods that they might be reluctant to try at home.

Each student is encouraged to take part and to make sensible food contributions.  No one should need to bring more than 3-4 ingredients. We do not want any family to spend a large amount of money on lunch.  Feel free to utilise items that are homegrown and/or are currently reasonably priced at the supermarket or fruit and vegetable shop.